Backpacks are the cool-kid accessory du jour, and MCM’s canvas version is a perfect take. Ideal for trips or running errands, this bold bag makes a practical style statement. Coated canvas.

MCM STARK VISETOS BackPack Lime Medium

 Imported. Adjustable backpack straps. Top zip closure. Exterior zip pocket, interior zip pocket, two slip pockets. 12.5″W X 15.5″H X 6″D.

MCM STARK VISETOS Medium BackPack Black


Backpacks are the cool-kid accessory du jour, and MCM's canvas version is a perfect take. Ideal for trips or running errands, this bold bag makes a practical style statement. Coated canvas. Imported.

Adjustable backpack straps. Top zip closure. Exterior zip pocket, interior zip pocket, two slip pockets. 12.5″W X 15.5″H X 6″D.

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MCM STARK VISETOS BackPack Blue Medium


This year we turn our eyes on LONDON! After four long years, the Olympics are back and deserve our fullest attention! It’s not just the sportive events everybody is interested in, but a celebration of passion, excellence and opportunity where anything is possible.

 This MCM 2012 Olympic Backpack to celebrate the games in London. Limited Edition. Union Jack Flag on front. Medium size. Featuring handcrafted German Leather and superior finishing for durability without compromising quality. Coated cotton canvas. Lined. Imported. 14″W x 16″H x 7″D. 24K gold plated hardware.


Just like many other brands, luxury leather maker MCM is launching a limited edition backpack collection, inspired by the upcoming London Olympics. MCM has been producing popular backpack styles for a couple of seasons already, also as part of special collaborations with Phenomenon and other brands. This time they pay homage to British culture and of course the unique spirit of the event this summer.

MCM applied their signature monogram pattern in various colors as part of the collaboration. They added the Union Jack design to it and accessorized the backpacks with metal studs. The iconic backpacks come in three different sizes, and are available in five lively colors: bold red, bright neon orange, lime green, black and classical cognac.

Look out for the backpacks at MCM stores now – these will go fast.


Where To Buy Air Jordan 13 Basketball Shoes

Since 1985, consumers have looked forward to the latest Jordans shoe brand year after year. Jordan 13 is among the numerous designs in this line and has been tagged as one of the best performing sneaker and one of Michael Jordan's favourite creations. It was launched in 1997 and has been named as one of the second lightest of all Air Jordans.

The shoe was designed by Jordan's close friend by the name Hartfield. Hartfield dubbed it black panther but changed it later to black cat. While doing all this, he had not known that this was MJ's secret nickname. The whole aspect of the name was later clarified. When a cat falls, it always lands on its feet and is able to reflexively twist its body using its sense of balance and flexibility. This characterized MJ's ways in the game.

The shoe has great features such as the zoom air, panther eye hologram, carbon fiber plate, very unique sole, circle conveying winkers and outsole with pads like a paw. There is a bit of leather covering the toe area and the rest of the shoe was wrapped in carbon fiber except the heel. This shoe gained its style inspiration from the African cheetah. The shoe has many other features that act as its trade mark and also enable wearers to identify with the shoe. Some of these features include the Jumpman logo image, the number 23 and basketball which are all found around the heel area.

It offers a lot of benefits since the best cushioning technology is used in its production. It is a light weight unit whose palm has a complex modulation zoom air with large area of insole that adopts carbon material offering good stability and support. The upper part is made up of synthetic leather, derma and nylon not only offering toughness but at the same time reducing the weight.

The Air Jordan 13 is a high quality sneaker that has become popular among many sportsmen and particularly those who play basketball. They are also classified and worn as casual wear, fitted with a pair of jeans. They are popular because they fall under Michael Jordans line of shoes and he was wearing the pair when he scored his first ever double three-peat.

These shoes come in a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes. This means that they can be worn by individuals of all ages and they also suit different individual tastes in terms of color. Some of the popular colors include the original black, red and white, red and the latest release white gold.
This shoe is regarded as one of the most famous sneakers in the Jordans line. It attained this status when Michael recorded the tenth scoring title and first ever double three-peat. He did this during his second regular season while wearing these shoes.

Getting yourself a pair of Jordan 13 is a great idea as it gives you value for your money. This is because they are stylish, comfortable, trendy and durable. They are sold at major shoe stores either online or offline at competitive prices.


Nike Air Force 1 High Low

The Nike Air Force 1 High Low are ranked as the most popular shoes in the history of this company. From the time it was designed and redesigned. It has been worn by many celebrity personalities from across the divide. Sports personalities, musicians famous actors and actresses. The list can go on and on.
Those who did not own a pair. Were inspired by the shoe to wear something that reflected its unique features. By redesigning the logos and placing them at distinct places. The manufacturer managed to introduce something that had not been done before. It is this little adjustments that contributed to propelling it to great heights.

There are various designs of this shoe. One can find it either low, medium or high cut. Whichever you prefer, the same top end quality is guaranteed. The amount of work that goes into the production of the Nike Air Force 1 High Low is intense. This is also reflected on the price tag that has been attached to it.
However, there is a slight variation of prices on the different types offered. This is determined mostly by the material and inputs used to produce the shoe. In essence, it means that the low cut are considered to be at the entry level. Their cost is much lower than the other versions.

The middle and top end is dominated by the other two types. The high cut type, offers excellent support to the ankle and is a fashion statement to reckon with. Apart from its unique design and contours, it boasts of a non removable strap that is attached at the top. This is a unique feature that was introduced to it and made its mark in history as the first shoe to be held in place by a strap.

If you love colours, the manufacturer has gone out of their way to ensure that there is something for everyone. The colour variations are nothing short of mind boggling. It boasts of an impressive one thousand seven hundred colours. It definitely guarantees something for everyone. The designs are trendy and have a huge following among men and women. By introducing many colours, fashion conscious teenagers have something to consider. Similarly, trendy adults will find a pair that equally befits them.

Those who collect Nike Air Force One have been spoilt for choice on this front. With all this diversity it is understandable that one may be somewhat confused which pair to choose. It goes beyond the colours into the style and comfort that is offered by the shoe. It is simply unmatched by the sneakers in its class.
The supply is generally quite restricted with few suppliers short listed by the company to supply the product. This has the effect of creating a mystery around them and thus keep the demand up. With the demand high and the supply controlled. Naturally the price will be pushed up. It is a strategy that has kept it up there among the list of top selling sneakers in the world. The product endorsements have been done by high profile sports personalities who wear it.


Brief History Of Air Jordan 10 Retro

In 1993, still reeling from the murder of his father, Michael Jordan did something he had been contemplating for almost a year. He retired from basketball. At the top of his game, having won three championships, the greatest basketball player of all time walked off the floor. Astonishingly, MJ walked onto a baseball diamond. Nike, in tribute to Number 23, released the original shoe that is now being reintroduced as the Air Jordan 10 Retro.

Celebrated Nike designer Tinker Hatfield had teamed with Michael in the design iterations three through nine of the trademark kick. However, MJ had no hand in the concept for number ten. The shoe did, though, bear the quality of design and materials that had become hallmarks of the brand.

The first run featured a leather bar running the width of the toe of the shoe. Number 23 preferred his kicks unencumbered but did wear this version for a time upon his return to the game. This was not the only change that occurred during his brief tenure in the minor league of baseball.

The Chicago Bulls retired the jersey of their iconic shooting guard upon his retirement. Thus, when His Airness returned to basketball less than eighteen months later, his number was not available. He played for a time wearing number 45, his baseball identifier. Some of the original Hatfield designs have 45 stitched into the leather.

Other features of the shoe paid homage to a star Nike thought had left the court forever. Several of his key accomplishments were documented on the soles of the shoes. The initial 1994 run included versions carrying the colors of five NBA teams including the Bulls. A model with cleats was also released at that time. The stunning popularity of the model induced Nike to bring it back in 2005 as the Air Jordan 10 Retro.

Without a doubt, the commemorative value of the kicks played into the tremendous demand for them. However, their sleek style and the availability of numerous color combinations also made them popular. The manufacturer recognized this and enlarged the audience even farther with the 2005 reintroduction. The second coming of the shoes featured seven models, four more than the original styling. Two ladies versions were debuted. Building on the fan base of the first production line, the 2005 throwback also proved phenomenally alluring.

Rumors circulated for years that a third release of the shoes was planned. Many people expected 2008 to be the year when they would reappear in stores. Every year, though, fans were left disappointed. Finally, Nike announced that the shoe would be available for sale on January 21, 2012. Produced in the Chicago red white black color scheme, it immediately became an item every collector had to have.

Few sports stars have the ability to drive sales years after they have retired from the game. However, the brand created by MJ and Nike continues its stronghold on the imagination of the public. Each new model gets scooped off of store shelves. New production runs of the older versions, like the Air Jordan 10 Retro, reinforce the ongoing star power of His Airness.